Our Mission

Helping everyone protect what matters most in their lives.


At LifeExec, our mission - the passion that drives us day in and day out - is to do everything possible to help others “protect what matters most in their lives."

We accomplish this by building innovative health and wellness programs to successfully meet life’s myriad challenges. By working with leading carriers to innovative programs that provide access to the best care, at affordable rates, without restrictions. And, by designing technologies that ensure our solutions are user-friendly for every American.

Our Vision

Growing Together


LifeExec is building a community of people caring for people. If you look closely, you’ll see that vision embodied in our logo. We’ve discovered most people are just like us, they truly care. They want to be part of a solution and want to make their community a better place.

LifeExec is simply a platform for benefit carriers, entrepreneurs, and businesses passionate to improve healthcare to come together and make to deliver affordable care to Americans in need.

As LifeExec’s community grows, the company can use its buying power to produce better healthcare programs at reduced cost. This in turn, allows our community to grow further. The vision is to create a community that inherently aspires to greater total healthcare through the growth of the community itself.


Our Story

It all started on a very big mountain.


Our company story begins when Ken York summited Mount Rainier with an expedition team. When an unexpected storm rolled over the mountain, Ken and his team found themselves in the midst of 70-mile-per-hour winds, sleet, and whiteout conditions.

Fortunately, the entire team was able to make it off the mountain without major problems.

Tragically, however, two members of a different team had died in the storm.

As a result, Ken realized that his family, his home, and his personal estate would have been in total disarray had he been hurt or killed. As a loving father and husband, he knew he needed to do more to ensure their safety.

Coincidentally, Ken’s business partner, Scott Mary, was looking at the same situation through a different lens. His aging parents had grown concerned about the best way to organize their legacy and estate. Scott struggled to find some kind of planning system that would give them peace of mind and allow them to enjoy their golden years.

 Through those two personal experiences, and a desire to look after their families and loved ones, LifeExec was born.

Notable Accomplishments

Driving change that benefits everyone.



  • LifeExec produces the only life management application able to securely store and share critical documents and benefit policies.
  • LifeExec is awarded six data security and infrastructure patents.


  • LifeExec members receive a complimentary “Blueprint for Life” educational program with expert instructions on preparing for critical situations, like natural disaster, medical emergencies, and legacy planning.
  • LifeExec is awarded Lifesaving Application of the Year in 2020.


  • LifeExec released its benefits platform with the Advantage Wellness line. LifeExec has expanded the benefits platform with Advantage Mental Health, Advantage Protect.
  • LifeExec client base includes +15 nationwide franchises representing 3,000 locations and 58,000 employees. Some notalble clients include Best Life Brands, Right at Home, Visiting Angels, Best Western, TechLink, Fraternal Order of Police, Oregon Medical Association.


  • LifeExec releases Advantage Wellness Premium 18,000 DPC Network.
  • LifeExec is awarded Top 5 Benefits Companies of 2023.


  • Top 5 Benefit Technology Companies of 2024, and Top 30 Most Reputable Companies of 2024.
  • LifeExec releases Advantage Rx providing free medications to +800 medications.
Our Founders

Ken York & Scott Mary 


Ken and Scott previously teamed up on Ascension Software, an enterprise security software company focused on protecting user identities, sensitive data, and networks. At the time of sale, Ascension had 16,000 business clients in 100 countries. The platform is currently used by over 80 million people a year.


Ascension Software was regularly on TechOregon and Fortune’s Fastest Growing Companies, and Oregon’s Top Executives. The company’s notable clients included Starwood Hotels, Omni Hotels, Kimpton Hotels, Best Western, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, The UPS Stores, and US Navy.


Ascension sold in 2016. Two years later they launched LifeExec.


Scott is an avid golfer and outdoorsman with two daughters and dog he adores. Ken has a deep appreciation for his family, food, outdoor sports, and travelling.